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    Agile Capacity

    By Parsi, Novid Wrong resources? Right resources at the wrong time? Both can cripple project momentum—and send shock waves across the project portfolio, even threatening the organization's bottom line. And the…

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    Capacidade ágil

    By Parsi, Novid Recursos errados? Recursos certos na hora errada? Ambos podem prejudicar a dinâmica do projeto e enviar ondas de choque por todo o portfólio de projetos, ameaçando até os resultados da organização.…

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    Capacidad ágil

    By Parsi, Novid ¿Recursos incorrectos? ¿Recursos correctos en el momento incorrecto?Ambas cosas pueden restarle impulso al proyecto y repercutir en el portafolio de proyectos, llegando incluso a poner en riesgo los…

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    Practical Guidance

    By Fewell, Jesse The debate about processes—when to follow them versus when to bend them in favor of deeper principles—has been an age-old, fundamental tension in project management. Those of us contributing to A…

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    Guía práctica

    By Fewell, Jesse Hace poco estaba impartiendo un taller de liderazgo en la oficina de una compañía de seguros en Asia cuando se desató un intenso debate entre los ejecutivos. “No estamos suficientemente empoderados”…

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    Orientação Prática

    By Fewell, Jesse O debate sobre os processos - quando segui-los versus quando dobrá-los em favor de princípios mais profundos - tem sido uma tensão antiga e fundamental no gerenciamento de projetos. Aqueles de nós…

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    Bite Size

    By Wasney, Michael Food waste is piling up. By 2030, annual food loss and waste will hit 2.1 billion tons, worth US$1.5 trillion, according to Boston Consulting Group. That's up, respectively, from 1.6 billion tons…

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    By Fewell, Jesse When I give presentations or mentor people on the value of agile approaches, I'm often interrupted by frustrated project professionals who feel locked out of agile. They're eager to try it and…

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    Using the project management process to improve lessons learned resolution results

    By Anderson, Peter The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has an established lessons learned program that documents both shortfalls for corrective action and best practices for wider dissemination. Most phases are…

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    Agile Infusion

    PM Network interviews Benjamin Marais, CIO at Liberty Group South Africa.