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  • AGISTRUCT member content open

    By Al Behairi, Tareq A. In modern smart buildings and construction projects, the explicit boundaries between construction industry management, with its waterfall methodology, and IT industry management, with its flexible…

  • Scaling agile member content open

    By Shrivastava, Narendra K. While pure agile has proven to be effective for small teams and projects, corporations and organizations that wish to implement the approach enterprise-wide or for larger, complex projects will need…

  • Leading construction industry to lean-agile (LeAgile) project management member content open

    By Iqbal, Suhail Construction industry leaders have long held the view that the highly disciplined field is governed successfully by Theory X, the well-known theory of human motivation developed by Douglas McGregor.…

  • The who, what, when, why, and how of agile requirements elicitation member content open

    By Smith, Gerald D. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there is a rapidly growing demand for the business analyst in today's evolving workplace, with the demand projected to reach more than 876,000 by the year…

  • Agility is not just for projects member content open

    By Thiry, Michel The objective of this paper is to understand the different types of agility, from operational to organizational. The first part of the paper explores why today's organizations need to be agile and…

  • Making better, more responsive organizations member content open

    By Dülgerler, Mustafa Information technologies serve as an imperative part in organizational management, supply chain management, and service delivery in widely spread markets. New conceptual and technological…

  • Transitioning to agile methods member content open

    By Tew, Bryan While agile methods are not overly complex in and of themselves, it can often be very difficult to transition to agile, especially when many organizations are entrenched in traditional processes…

  • Moving to agile in a waterfall world member content open

    By Smith, Gerald D. | Feggins, Reedy Like many other traditional brick-and-mortar companies, The Kroger Co. has sought ways to improve its ability to deliver software solutions better, faster, and more cheaply as a means of staying…

  • Integrating agile in a waterfall world member content open

    By Flahiff, Joseph Every project manager can successfully integrate agile in a waterfall environment to improve project predictability, cost effectiveness, and ultimately success. Agile was once considered by project…

  • Seven questions to ask to determine if your organization is agile ready member content open

    By Larson, Elizabeth | Larson, Richard These days, organizations want the ability to respond rapidly to an ever-changing business environment. Some organizations have heard that adopting Agile methods provides quick project turnaround.…