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    Healthy Perspective

    By Parsi, Novid As hospitals and other facilities raise the bar on health outcomes and experiences, teams are shaping projects from a patient's perspective—and it starts long before anyone seeks treatment. Whether…

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    Perspectiva saludable

    By Parsi, Novid El sector de la salud está reconsiderando la fuente de los poderes curativos. A medida que los hospitales y otras instalaciones aumentan sus estándares en cuanto a resultados y atención, los equipos…

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    Perspectiva saudável

    By Parsi, Novid O setor de Saúde está repensando a fonte dos poderes de curs. À medida que os hospitais e outras instalações aumentam a expectativa quanto a resultados e experiências em saúde, as equipes estão…

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    Cazadores de sesgos

    By Bishel, Ashley ¿Es posible que los principales riesgos que amenazan el éxito de un proyecto no estén en el ambiente externo, sino en la mente de cada persona que participa en el proyecto? Es posible. Desde el…

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    Bias Busters

    By Bishel, Ashley Could the biggest risks threatening a project's success lie not in the external environment but between the ears of every person involved in a project? It's possible. From the sponsor to the project…

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    Caçadores de vieses

    By Bishel, Ashley Será que os maiores riscos que estão ameaçando o sucesso de um projeto não estão no ambiente externo, mas, sim, na mentalidade de cada pessoa envolvida em um projeto? É possível. Desde o…

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    Unexpected Lift

    By Thomas, Jen Rising 55 stories above Johannesburg, South Africa's financial district, the Leonardo is a rugged yet gleaming mixed-use skyscraper. But it wouldn't be the tallest building in Africa unless the…

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    Breathing Room

    By Stetson, Chris Take a glance at the calendars of your project team members: Are they a back-to-back kaleidoscope of color with no break between meetings? In the short term, scheduling meetings like this can seem…

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    One For All

    By Pincot, Lenka How many times have you heard IT staffers complain about unrealistic requirements from business teams? And how often have you listened to colleagues from the business side gripe that new tech tools…

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    Birds of a Feather

    By Oyvetsky, Marat Keeping leadership in the loop on multiple projects is easier when the projects have a lot in common. When initiatives share similar scopes and execution approaches, project managers can…