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    IoT Takeover

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic projects may be grabbing headlines around the globe, but a recent survey of tech leaders shows that it's internet of things (IoT) projects that are most…

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    Familiar Faces

    By Bishel, Ashley Widespread use of facial recognition technology isn't just for phones anymore. Retail companies are launching projects to drive revenue, cut costs, eliminate theft and improve the customer…

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    Rostos conhecidos

    By Bishel, Ashley O uso difundido da tecnologia de reconhecimento facial não é mais apenas para telefones. As empresas de varejo estão lançando projetos para gerar receita, reduzir custos, eliminar roubos e melhorar…

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    A conquista da internet das coisas

    Projetos de inteligência artificial (IA) e de robótica podem estar ganhando manchetes em todo o mundo, mas uma recente pesquisa de líderes de tecnologia mostra que são os projetos de internet das…

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    Data's New Digs

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The world runs on data, exponentially growing amounts of data. It all has to live somewhere, so tech giants and internet service providers are launching projects to build massive new facilities.…

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    Taking Charge

    By Parsi, Novid The sun doesn't always shine, the wind doesn't always blow. So project teams are advancing technology to cushion against unreliability. With battery costs dropping, grid-scale storage facility…

  • Making Innovation Happen in a Megaproject

    By Davies, Andrew | MacAulay, Samuel | DeBarro, Tim | Thurston, Mark Based on research by Andrew Davies, Samuel MacAulay, Tim DeBarro, and Mark Thurston, this research explores how the innovation process can be systematically organized to improve the performance of…