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  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project reserves

    By Murray, John W. | Ramsaur, William F. Project cost estimators have traditionally included in their calculations contingency amounts to cover the unexpected expenses resulting from uncertain risks. But such an approach does not always…

  • Project Management Quarterly


    By Bassili, A. R. | Finlayson, H. W. One concern that is garnering increasing attention within the project management field is escalation--the impact of inflation on a project's final costs. Escalation is often blamed as the root cause…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project management in costly environments

    By Britney, Robert R. To make the cost-conscious decisions, project managers must understand that every project delay and mistake involves a real cost consequence and that many unnecessary costs often result from…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Uncertainty analysis for program management

    By Martin, M. Dean. Over the past decade, the cost of implementing a program to develop a new military weapons systems has sharply increased, primarily because the numerous methods used by the United States Department…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Cost growth

    By Baker, Bruce N. All too often, research and development (R&D) projects exceed budget, causing significant and detrimental repercussions affecting the future funding of similar efforts, particularly for those…