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  • De la teoría a la práctica: ética, cultura, negocios internacionales y liderazgo member content open

    By Buchtik, Liliana A medida que trabajamos en proyectos nacionales, y más aún, al insertarnos en proyectos internacionales, la ética y las habilidades globales son cada vez más indispensables.

  • Really-- are you a "professional" project manager ? member content open

    By Puyjalon, Gabriel de | Kindermans, Chris F. | Ives, Mark | Madapatu, Sajith | Meloni, Giusi | Pfeiffer, Peter This paper discusses benchmarking, defining, and learning the professional aspects of conducting project-related activities. Every Project Management Institute (PMI) member and credential holder,…

  • Ethics and moral leadership in project management member content open

    By Raghupathy, Shobhna In today's competitive business environment, project managers and leaders need to ensure that ethics permeate all aspects of organizational operations. As strategic initiatives are implemented…

  • Ethics considerations for the project manager in professional services member content open

    By Schweriner, Jeffrey H. To effectively manage projects, particularly those projects involving specialized professional services, project managers must often coordinate their efforts with those carried out by their…

  • Utilizing the Ethics of Project Management in the Healthcare Field member content open

    By Gray, Emily Embracing and following a code of ethics is an important part of practicing a profession. Whether the field is medicine, business, the law, or project management, practitioners abide by their…

  • Corporate social responsibility member content open

    By Tharp, Jennifer | Chadhury, Prosenjit Dey As social and environmental issues increasingly dominate international headlines, companies large and small have been working--developing plans, contributing resources, and performing…

  • Change Management member content open

    By Karpe, Alankar | Rigamonti, Fabio Does stress and the pressure of change impact ethical and professional behaviour? In this paper, we will explore: ethical leadership, why it is important in managing change programmes, how social…

  • Generating opportunities from constraints--ethics for project success member content open

    By Ruffa, Michela | Setti, Stefano From their investigating about complexity theories and their appliance to management context, authors assume that projects are Complex Adaptive Systems, i.e., systems characterized by…

  • The Leader's Choice member content open

    By Ethics Member Advisory Group—Project Management Institute Making ethical decisions when confronted with a dilemma is a key to success along the project leadership journey. Using a framework to guide those decisions can be crucial to advancing project…

  • Driving project leadership through stakeholder values member content open

    By McCullough, Helen T. Are stakeholders respected, valued, and treated fairly? How can the ethical effectiveness of a leadership team be measured? A research study that examined leadership team behavior while managing a…