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    Government Race to AI

    The U.S. government is committing nearly US$1 billion toward artificial intelligence (AI) for nondefense R&D initiatives in 2020. It's the first time the government had given AI its own budget line,…

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    Corrida de IA no governo

    O governo dos EUA está comprometendo quase US$1 bilhão em inteligência artificial (IA) para iniciativas de P&D fora do campo da defesa, em 2020. É a primeira vez que o governo concede à AI sua…

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    Carrera del gobierno hacia la IA

    El gobierno de EE. UU. Está comprometiendo casi mil millones de dólares en inteligencia artificial (IA) para iniciativas de I + D sin defensa en 2020. Es la primera vez que el gobierno le ha dado a…

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    Movimiento urbano

    By Wilkinson, Amy E l transporte moderno está saturado. A medida que las tecnologías de vanguardia pasan de la ciencia ficción a la realidad y los interesados piden alternativas más sostenibles cada vez con más…

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    Urban Movement

    By Wilkinson, Amy Modern transportation is a crowded arena. As cutting-edge technologies move from the realm of sci-fi to mainstream and stakeholders increasingly clamor for more sustainable alternatives, governments…

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    Movimento urbano

    By Wilkinson, Amy O transporte moderno se parece com um estádio lotado. À medida que as tecnologias de ponta passam do campo da ficção científica para o mercado e as partes interessadas clamam cada vez mais por…

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    India was having an identify crisis. The country had a large population without formal identity credentials, which often led to issues of fraud or denial of services when someone lacked proper…

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    Forget Silicon Valley. It's a tiny former Soviet state that's masterminding an e-government revolution. With a continuous stream of bespoke electronic solutions, Estonia has used its digital-first…

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    Underwater Ambition

    Who says water and oil don't mix? Billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas sit untapped beneath the Arctic's frozen surface. The Russian government wants to kick its…

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    Open to all

    By Parsi, Novid Open data projects hold lots of promise in cities around the world, for both residents and the governments that serve them. By making crime statistics, or real-time train or bus information,…