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  • Implementing social project management member content open

    By Casanova, Pietro | Bellifemine, Francesco The rapid growth of social media such as blogs, forums, wiki, content communities and social networking, collectively known as social computing and based on the ideological and technological…

  • Project management use of cloud collaboration member content open

    By Dillon, Liam | Scanlon, Rory With projects, we are always drawing up plans and trying to carry them out, usually as part of a team, which ultimately delivers on project execution. This is the basic principle behind project…

  • A step in the right direction--improving organization PM maturity member content open

    By Nick, James | Atkin, Paul Innovative technologies are enabling organizations to both better serve their customers and develop new--and expand existing--business capabilities, particularly in the area of managing projects.…

  • Putting brakes on a rocket member content open

    By Martinelli, Russ As an established leader within the semiconductor and computing industry, Intel must continuously develop new products that enable it to stay ahead of its competitors. To do so, however, its…

  • Agile, innovation, and the project manager member content open

    By Sheridan, Richard B. To respond to this era's quickly evolving and highly volatile marketplace, organizations worldwide are initiating efforts to introduce innovative products and services. To accomplish this, they need…

  • Web2.0 and project management member content open

    By Finch, Curt Technology has significantly enhanced the process of managing projects. With the emergence of Web2.0 technologies comes capabilities that will further enrich the experience of using technology to…

  • Project management of radical innovation: the case of small Canadian software firms member content open

    By Spraggon, Martin | Bodolica, Virginia Those organizations operating in fast-moving and complex business environments most effectively realize their innovation strategies when they implement a radical innovation project. This paper…

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    Testing approach to keep your "Big Bang" system implementation from becoming a bomb member content open

    By Laubmeier, Joan What do you do when three years of development, by up to 25 people, comes together in ONE "big bang" system implementation? How do you plan? How do you make sure that the "little thing" you…