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    Mining for Fresh Takes member content locked

    Contaminated water and soil. Lengthy vertical shafts hidden by overgrown vegetation. Hazardous machinery submerged in stagnant water. Closed mines and quarries can be dangerous—even deadly—but…

  • PM Network

    Smart Wheels member content locked

    By Ali, Ambreen Wheelchair design has remained stagnant for decades. That's a problem, considering people with disabilities still can't always access everyday infrastructure. In Paris, France, for instance, only…

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    Biting Back member content locked

    By Parsi, Novid The world's deadliest animal doesn't have claws or teeth—and it's tiny. Each year, blood-sucking mosquitoes kill 830,000 people by carrying and spreading disease. Malaria is by far the deadliest…

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    Bright Idea member content locked

    By Thomas, Jen Though Paris, France lays claim to the nickname "City of Light," for 53 days each year, Amsterdam, the Netherlands finishes a close second. Featuring nearly 30 original installations crafted by…

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    Hot Property member content locked

    By Hendershot, Steve For decades, buying or selling property has followed the same well-worn path: a commercial or residential listing, an agent showing and a mountain of manual paperwork. Even as technological upheaval…

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    Chain Reaction member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The corner office is embracing blockchain. As it matures beyond a murky cryptocurrency system that only startups dared to chase, the secure data management technology is becoming a real-world…

  • Project Management Journal

    Collaborative Project Delivery Models and the Role of Routines in Institutionalizing Partnering member content locked

    By Bygballe, Lena E. | Swärd, Ann It is widely held that collaborative project delivery models, such as partnering, represent a key means of improving construction project performance. Institutionalizing these models in practice,…

  • Project Management Journal

    The Value for Money Concept in Investment Evaluation member content locked

    By Barton, Roy | Aibinu, Ajibade A. | Oliveros, Jose The term "value for money" (VFM) is a poorly understood concept in practice. There is a lack of clarity in its application, especially in the distinction between "value" and "money" when assessing…

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    Game Plan member content locked

    By Patra, Priya Everyone likes games. That's why gamification has taken off this decade, and it's why gamifying projects can spark stakeholder engagement and collaboration. Last year my team saw the value of the…

  • Project Management Journal

    Projects in the Business Ecosystem member content locked

    By Eriksson, Kent | Wikström, Kim | Hellström, Magnus | Levitt, Raymond E. This article develops a conceptual framework to analyze the governance of projects within a business ecosystem. The framework is applied to the case of a vessel delivery project in the short sea…


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