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    Mining for Fresh Takes member content locked

    Contaminated water and soil. Lengthy vertical shafts hidden by overgrown vegetation. Hazardous machinery submerged in stagnant water. Closed mines and quarries can be dangerous—even deadly—but…

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    Over a Barrel member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Panic coursed through the oil industry in 2015 when prices plunged below US$40 per barrel. Oil exploration projects ground to a halt, companies were bleeding money, and global oil industry leaders…

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    Trucking Along registered user content locked

    Graphical depiction of projects to automate supply chain and delivery logistics.

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    Analyzing the Future registered user content locked

    By Desmond, Luke The wave of big data and other data-science-related knowledge is turning into a flood. The economy is rapidly transforming into a knowledge-based one. In fact, the four largest companies based on…

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    Chirp-Chirp registered user content locked

    The Visa logo is recognized across the globe, but the brand saw a big problem looming: The rise of e-commerce, mobile wallets and smart speakers means fewer transactions will require a physical…

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    Commune Ground registered user content locked

    By Ali, Ambreen With more people prioritizing sustainability and healthy living, real estate developers are rushing to build neighborhoods around a new amenity—a working farm. Known as agrihoods, these projects…

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    Voice Wars registered user content locked

    By Hendershot, Steve Creation means nothing. It's survival that counts, in the emerging world of voice-assistant technology. More than 5 billion consumer devices made use of some type of voice-driven digital assistant…

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    AI is the New Black registered user content locked

    By Waity, C. J. Bad lighting, grainy mirrors, absent sales clerks—shopping for clothes has never been a great experience. But fashion designers and retail juggernauts are looking to improve modern shopping by…

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    A Sense of Safety registered user content locked

    By Parsi, Novid On construction projects, safety saves—both lives and money. In the European Union, more than one-fifth of all fatal workplace accidents happen in the construction sector, according to the European…

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    Drive Through Change registered user content locked

    By Parsi, Novid At many quick-service restaurants, drive-thru orders and pickups now outperform dining rooms. At Jack in the Box, more than 70 percent of sales are made from the front seat of cars, and in August…


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