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  • The aid for overcoming transition state member content open

    By Lesnevsky, Alexander In today's dynamic, expanding global economy, many organizations are experiencing transitions created by myriad factors such as mergers and acquisitions, a growing multicultural workforce, or…

  • Creating environments for project teams to thrive member content open

    By Roa, Joey As a growing number of organizations recognize the value of project management and strive to incorporate it into their business operations, the difficulty of creating the most conducive environment…

  • Leading multinational project teams member content open

    By Thamhain, Hans J. Over the past decade, project management researchers have developed a significant body of knowledge exploring the dynamics and difficulties involved in managing contemporary project teams. And much…

  • The importance of culture when managing international projects member content open

    By Hehl, Mark C. The challenges in managing a globally dispersed project team are many. Not only must project managers develop strategies that enable team members to communicate and collaborate, they must also…

  • Project teams unstuck! High-performing global teams member content open

    By Sheives, Tom Building an effective project team is a complex process requiring both models for organizing team activities and frameworks for managing cultural relationships. This paper examines how project…

  • Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu member content open

    By Coscia, Matteo M. By living according to the mores of the African-based philosophy of Ubuntu, societies have endured long periods of living with extreme hardship. Recently, executives have adopted this philosophy for…

  • The global project management framework: communication, collaboration, and management across borders member content open

    By Binder, Jean Many companies unaccustomed to working globally struggle when they implement a project that involves stakeholders located around the world. This paper examines a framework for managing the difficult…

  • Globalization member content open

    By Duranti, Giancarlo As more organizations extend their reach globally, more project managers are leading project teams composed of individuals from different cultures. This paper examines the complexities involved in…

  • Guidelines to create a culture to promote successful use of virtual teams member content open

    By Levin, Ginger In using virtual teams, organizations are able to assemble project teams composed of the experts they need, not simply the individuals who are available in a single location. This paper examines how…

  • Evangelización de los interesados. Cómo lograr proyectos exitosos y no morir en el intento member content open

    By Vásquez, Sergio | Kobashigawa, José Aún nos encontramos en Latinoamérica con organizaciones que poseen una débil cultura de gestión de proyectos, lo que les impide realizar proyectos exitosos. En este trabajo presentamos un conjunto…