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  • Refining project portfolio success and its antecedents member content open

    By Kopmann, Julian While our understanding of project success has evolved tremendously over the last two decades and corresponding management activities have been introduced, on the project portfolio level these types…

  • Towards a theoretical foundation for project portfolio management member content open

    By Enoch, Clive N. | Labuschagne, Les This paper presents a theoretical foundation for project portfolio management as a discipline. The doctrine of project portfolio management could be criticized for suffering from deficiencies in its…

  • What is effectiveness in project portfolio management? member content open

    By Patanakul, Peerasit | Curtis, Audrey | Koppel, Brian While project portfolio management (PPM) has increased its significance in various business contexts, research on the effectiveness of PPM is still limited. In fact, PPM effectiveness has not been…

  • Organizing mechanisms for project portfolio management in dynamic environments member content open

    By Petit, Yvan A qualitative study performed between 2008 and 2010 identified that, in dynamic environments, a significant number of internal and external events impact project portfolios for which organizing…

  • Project portfolio management member content open

    By Enoch, Clive N. | Labuschagne, Les Organization success is dependent on the organization's ability to realise its objectives successfully. At a basic level, project portfolio management (PPM) focuses the organization on doing the…

  • Establishing project portfolio management member content open

    By Beringer, Claus | Jonas, Daniel | Gemünden, Hans Georg Project portfolio management (PPM) can be seen as a management innovation that in many firms is still to be further established and professionalized. Stakeholder behavior and stakeholder management…

  • Strategic alignment of the project portfolio member content open

    By Filippov, Sergey | Mooi, Herman G | Weg, Roelof van der | Westen, Laurent-Jan van der The mission of project portfolio management (PPM) is seen in evaluating, prioritising, and selecting projects in line with the business strategy. Alignment of all on-going projects with the overall…

  • Interdependencies among projects in project portfolio management member content open

    By Rungi, Mait Humankind has been investigating interdependencies among alliances and companies for decades. This work investigates resource, technological, and market interdependencies among projects.…

  • Integrating performance measures to exert effective leadership in managing project portfolios member content open

    By Anbari, Frank T. | Cioffi, Denis Felix | Forman, Ernest H. The analytical hierarchy process (AHP) is used to integrate measures from the relatively objective earned value management method and from other, more subjective evaluation methods to enhance the…

  • Key drivers to the effectiveness in managing multiple projects member content open

    By Patanakul, Peerasit Because of resource limitation as well as the nature of the projects that are being implemented, project managers in many organizations are tasked to lead more than one project at a time. In this…