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  • Refining project portfolio success and its antecedents member content open

    By Kopmann, Julian While our understanding of project success has evolved tremendously over the last two decades and corresponding management activities have been introduced, on the project portfolio level these types…

  • The real problem with your portfolio member content open

    By Ferraro, Jack | Rizzo, Tony Most businesses that continually share resources across projects experience enough multitasking to cut their productivity in half. This paper explains the root causes of project portfolio…

  • ISO 21500 member content open

    By Barbero, Maria Cristina After ISO 10006 "Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects," which gives guidance on quality management in projects, and the BS 6079-1 "Principles and Guidelines for the Management of Projects"…

  • What is effectiveness in project portfolio management? member content open

    By Patanakul, Peerasit | Curtis, Audrey | Koppel, Brian While project portfolio management (PPM) has increased its significance in various business contexts, research on the effectiveness of PPM is still limited. In fact, PPM effectiveness has not been…

  • How to measure real project success member content open

    By Thiry, Michel In the last two decades, project management has been applied to the delivery of more and more complex "solutions." How is this affecting the way we measure project success? Are the traditional…

  • Expanding strategic throughput: a new perspective on closing the gap between strategy and results member content open

    By Garfein, Stephen J. In response to the global economic downturn, national governments worldwide have created, and put into action, economic stimulus plans that are geared towards creating both social opportunities and…

  • Strategically aligning your project portfolios member content open

    By Lanka, Meher C. The pressures of competing in today's marketplace are numerous and significant: From capturing new markets segments and increasing profitability to providing shareholders with higher value and…

  • Building and leading a successful global PMO and project management profession programme member content open

    By Kempf, Ronald | Speitel, Renee This presentation has been endorsed by the following PMI Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) and Colleges: Consulting SIG; Education SIG; Program Management Office SIG; Service & Outsourcing SIG;…

  • Seminars & Symposium

    Of benchmarks and scorecards member content open

    By Brown, Alex S. More and more, "project management" is becoming "project portfolio management", requiring senior project managers to report upon a wide variety of projects. Producing a consolidated view of…

  • Seminars & Symposium

    Success in the real world member content open

    By Elkins, Tony Portfolio management is a technique to evaluate how well an organization’s investments deliver value to the organization. Though still in its infancy for evaluating resource, project and service…