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  • Enhance Influence and Results member content open

    By Bristol, Phil Why do some people succeed and others fail? Most people think grit is purely about basic tenacity and persistence. There is a notion that some people get ahead because they are simply gifted, or…

  • How the U. S. defense department trains its top project managers member content open

    By Gadeken, Owen C. For more than 40 years, the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) has been training project managers for the U.S. Department of Defense. The course has changed dramatically since then, with…

  • Leadership and team dynamics in the new millennium member content open

    By Raghupathy, Shobhna There is a pronounced shift in the demands confronting organizational leadership, and these changes are a reflection of shifts in the global marketplace. With globalization, companies need to…

  • Beyond influence--creating accountability, integrity, and teamwork member content open

    By Bristol, Phil | Yeatts, Gary Leadership is the ability to set direction, inspire, motivate, and influence others to produce results. A leader transforms ordinary individuals into a team, which produces extraordinary results.…

  • Developing a winning attitude! member content open

    By Baker, Ernest You've seen the motivational posters in corporate conference fooms, office supply catalogs, and on the Internet. They encompass ideas like "success," "team," and "perseverance." All are designed to…

  • The project manager as team coach member content open

    By Woods, Juanita | Abdon, Pamela Coaching is a widely recognized business management skill today, with business leaders focusing on coaching their direct reports to success. Coaching can be a valuable tool in the toolkit of a…

  • A Sixth Sense for Project Management® member content open

    By Roeder, Tres To succeed in delivering projects, today's project managers must expand their skill set beyond the typical technical toolbox--the hard skills--to include the soft skills, those that Roeder…

  • Negotiating with authority--the art of the deal member content open

    By Brown, Samuel T. To manage any project effectively, project managers must constantly negotiate with the many stakeholders involved in realizing the initiative. This paper examines negotiation strategies that can…

  • The project artist--using innovation and creativity to achieve success member content open

    By Saladis, Frank P. To deliver projects that realize expected outcomes, project managers must do more than develop schedules, coordinate activities, and track and report progress: They must also thinkcreatively--with…

  • Creating stars through acknowledgment member content open

    By Saladis, Frank P. | Umlas, Judith W. By acknowledging the contributions and achievements of team members, project managers can bring out the best in their project teams and provide them with the motivation to overcome great obstacles…