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    Learn before you leap

    By Lang, Toby Transitioning to an agile process like Scrum can be challenging. This article reports how one project manager's organization transitioned to agile quickly and notes how the organization failed to…

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    The evolution of agile

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Agile has changed the project management landscape, largely because of its adaptability: Iterative development allows teams to deliver functional pieces of a project quickly and adjust on the fly.…

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    Smooth flight

    By Fretty, Peter In the airline business, a single delayed flight can set off a chain of events that require real-time updates to displays at airport terminals. This article discusses how a Portuguese airline's…

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    Change is good

    By Hunsberger, Kelley Two words project managers do not like to hear are scope creep. However, for project managers working with the agile methodology, it does not have to be that scary. This article explores how agile…

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    The sweet spot

    By Hildebrand, Carol As more non-IT-based organizations look to improve the way they select and implement projects, more are looking into adopting agile methodologies to quickly achieve the goals they want--for and with…

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    Foolish behavior

    By Keeler, Max Project management offices (PMOs) can help organizations generate value in innumerable ways. And one of the most significant involves inculcating project management practices and principles into…