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  • Project Marketing By Three Organizations member content open

    By Lecoeuvre, Laurence | Turner, J. Rodney Within the project marketing literature, there has been an ongoing discussion about whether project marketing is part of project management or vice versa. In this paper, we take a new perspective on…

  • Advancing project stakeholder analysis by standing on the shoulders of giants member content open

    By Eskerod, Pernille | Huemann, Martina In this paper we aim to advance the understanding of project stakeholder analysis by identifying contributions and inspirations from other fields. The stakeholder concept became well-known when…

  • Learning from the East African experience member content open

    By Egginton, Bill E. | Fitz-Gerald, Ann M. The paper draws on detailed thematic analyses of the lessons learned data from 53 projects and programs in Ethiopia (24), Kenya (5), Uganda (4), Somalia (2), Sudan (2), Rwanda (2), and 13 other…

  • Establishing project portfolio management member content open

    By Beringer, Claus | Jonas, Daniel | Gemünden, Hans Georg Project portfolio management (PPM) can be seen as a management innovation that in many firms is still to be further established and professionalized. Stakeholder behavior and stakeholder management…

  • Explaining project success with client expectation alignment member content open

    By Lechler, Thomas | Gao, Ting This study examines the management of client expectations during project implementation. The problem is that expectations of clients may change over the course of a project and may lead to…

  • Theory building from cases member content open

    By Eisenhardt, Kathleen M. | Graebner, Melissa E. Project success is often gauged by how well a project meets a stakeholder's expectations. But since projects usually involve more than one stakeholder, and thus accommodate multiple--sometimes…

  • 25 years of stakeholder theory in project management literature (1984-2009) member content open

    By Littau, Paul | Jujagiri, Nirmala Jyothi | Adlbrecht, Gerald The stakeholder approach in project management within various industrial sectors, especially construction and information services, is an internationally recognized professional discipline, which…

  • Dimensions for project success enabled by the sponsor-P³M relationship member content open

    By Owens, Ernest L. | Sheppeck, Michael A. The PMBOK® Guide – 4th Edition defines core process groups and knowledge areas without stating the value project sponsors and project managers place on these elements for successful project outcomes…

  • Factors that influence and are influenced by change projects member content open

    By Nahmias, Anat Hassner | Crawford, Lynn | Combe, Marge Organizational changes are often achieved through disciplined project management. Change management and project management are two disciplines that draw upon different theoretical frameworks but…

  • The influence of the gap between project manager and executives on project results member content open

    By Scholten, Victor | Mooi, Herman G. | Wijngaard, P. J. M. In today’s world projects are often used for implementing strategy as they form the perfect means to introduce changes in an organization or to develop new products for the organization. This means…