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  • Thinking positive about risk management member content open

    By Saladis, Frank P | Wais, Kay Although many organizations believe in the importance of risk management, many fail to effectively implement risk management strategies. In some instances, the topic of risk management meets with…

  • No fear complexity member content open

    By Ozel, Tolga Business complexity is increasing every day. Although initiating a business is easier than a decade ago, sustaining and growing a business is more difficult than ever. When you consider the last…

  • Project risk analysis to support strategic and project management member content open

    By El-Mehalawi, Mohamed E. Successful project cost and schedule risk management is always capable of informing project management of "where the project is" and "where the project is going" in the future. Current project…

  • Risk management at the portfolio level--what we can learn from insurance companies member content open

    By Luciano, Jacqueline S. When organizations factor into their project budgets the possible costs incurred from a project's risks, they are often creating the barriers that could make important projects prohibitive. This…

  • Integrated risk management as a framework for organisational success member content open

    By Hillson, David Risk management can help organizations effectively reduce the uncertainty involved in implementing projects. But such efforts fail to produce the desired results when organizations perceive only the…

  • Expected utility theory as a guide to contingency allocation member content open

    By Thibadeau, Barbara | Edirisinghe, Chanaka Contingency--for both budgets and schedules--provides project managers with the estimating cushion they need to protect their projects from cost and time overruns. Effectively allocating these…

  • Strategic model (SM) to manage unique character projects member content open

    By Serer Figueroa, Marcos It is usually project managers who advise organizations to adopt a project-oriented approach to managing the business. This paper, however, proposes that project managers should embrace a business…

  • Risk management exercise for project teams member content open

    By Newell, Michael | Newell, Saralee This demonstration will give the attendees experience in participating in a risk exercise that will identify, evaluate, prioritize and decide on a risk response strategy for project risks for a case…

  • Lessons learned from risk situations in projects member content open

    By Alves, Roberto Antônio Over the past fifteen years, Brazilian companies working on industrial projects--primarily within the mining sector--registered more than 300 risk situations. This paper synthesizes these situations…

  • Using risk management for strategic advantage member content open

    By Hillson, David Risk management is recognized as an essential tool to tackle the inevitable uncertainty associated with business at all levels. Its use is, however, often restricted to the technical or operational…