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    Urban Aspirations

    Today's cities are rich in people, money and pollution. Those factors are driving a demand for urban development projects that focus on smart land use, energy-efficient housing and green spaces that…

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    Material Matters

    The construction industry has always had to deal with material issues. For decades, homes and commercial buildings have been purged of asbestos and lead, formaldehyde and other volatile organic…

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    By Thomas, Jen O material de construção do momento não é um metal recém-descoberto extraído do núcleo da Terra nem um polímero super-resistente criado em um laboratório. Não, na verdade é um dos produtos de…

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    Volver a las raíces

    By Thomas, Jen El material de construcción más popular del momento no es un metal recién descubierto y extraído del centro de la tierra, ni un polímero ultrarresistente creado en un laboratorio. No. En realidad es…

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    Branching Out

    By Thomas, Jen The buzzy building material of the moment isn't a newly discovered metal mined from the Earth's core or a super-strong polymer created in a lab. No, it's actually one of the oldest construction…

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    City Escapes

    Why can't an old rail line be an urban oasis? Across the United States, city governments have found that it's cheaper—and more engaging for residents—to rebuild infrastructure into public green…

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    Bottoms Up

    Macallan Distillery is no stranger to expansion: The whiskey producer started as a wooden shed in 1824 and has regularly moved into larger spaces and built additions to keep pace with demand. For…

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    Greener Pastures

    A rainforest in France? The roughly US$62 million Tropicalia greenhouse project in Pas-de-Calais is making that a reality. Once complete in 2021, Tropicalia will be the largest tropical greenhouse…

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    Absolute Zero

    By Ali, Ambreen The energy efficiency bar keeps rising. For many organizations, the future of building construction is net-zero energy. It's a tall order, and one that some governments are beginning to mandate. To…

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    A Feel-Good Trip

    Shrinking carbon footprints is all the rage these days. The Nautilus Eco-Resort project in Palawan, the Philippines aims to avoid one altogether. Proposed by architect Vincent Callebaut in September…