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  • Retaining project managers--an empirical analysis of the antecedents to project manger's satisfaction and intention to quit member content open

    By Ekrot, Bastian | Kock, Alexander | Rank, Johannes | Gemünden, Hans Georg Prior research has shown the importance of the project manager position for project success. Since organizations conduct more and more project-based undertakings, the demand for motivated, satisfied…

  • Working conditions in projects member content open

    By Blomquist, Tomas | Gällstedt, Margareta With the growing number of knowledge-intensive projects there will also be an increased need to study work life conditions. The aim of this paper is to investigate how project managers and project…

  • Understanding relationship based procurement in the construction sector member content open

    By Walker, Derek H. T. | Lloyd-Walker, Beverley This paper presents a summary of core findings from recent research funded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) with assistance from a parallel complimentary study undertaken with Australian…

  • Competency framework alignment member content open

    By Richardson, Tracey M. | Marion, James W. This research examines the available literature to identify any linkages between military experience as a predictor of success when applied to project management roles within industry. Anecdotal…

  • Gender in project managers member content open

    By Mulenburg, Gerald M. Do NASA men and women project managers exhibit the same or different characteristics? What does the answer to this question imply for project managers inside and outside of NASA? Dr. Mulenburg…

  • Creating synergy in project management research on taught master's degrees member content open

    By Barry, Marie-Louise This paper proposes a collaborative research methodology for universities with taught master's degrees in project management. Project management is a constantly evolving field and there are always…

  • Embedding project knowledge through reflective practice member content open

    By Algeo, Chivonne The role of a lecturer in embedding project management knowledge is to appropriately apply the pedagogical process. Two issues need to be addressed in this process: the nature of the knowledge that…

  • Factors that affect the performance of project managers in the Brazilian context member content open

    By Rego, Marcos Lopez | Silva, Jorge Ferreira da The objective of this article is to survey the key attributes that affect the performance of project managers in Brazilian organizations. The work in organizations in the forms of projects is a…

  • Simulation-based training in project management education member content open

    By Zwikael, Ofer | Shtub, Avraham | Chih, Ying-Yi Simulation-Based Training (SBT) is considered a valuable methodology for project management education. This paper aims to identify its boundaries of effectiveness and investigate circumstances under…

  • Development paths of project managers member content open

    By Savelsbergh, Chantal | Storm, Peter What are the required competences of an effective project manager? And how does a project manager develop those competences? The first question has been researched extensively (Turner & Müller,…