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  • The hidden pyramid member content open

    By Caccamese, Andrea | Bragantini, Damiano The traditional paradigm for project success focused on the elements defined as part of the "iron triangle" -- scope, quality, and time and cost. Yet, within the last decade project professionals…

  • Are you an above - the - line project leader? member content open

    By Rogers, Thomas M. Understanding project team dynamics, as well as the project leaders' role, is essential to project outcome and success. In this paper, the author guides readers through the assessment of various…

  • Trust member content open

    By Decker, Ellen Project managers not only face the challenges of planning and implementing a successful project, but must also manage a team of individuals that bring their own technical skills, temperaments,…

  • Up your relationship skills index member content open

    By Bristol, Phil Successful business leaders entrust valuable resources and teams to their most effective managers. The biggest challenge for leaders is often dealing with difficult team members that can disrupt…

  • Successful project management leadership in a multigenerational workplace member content open

    By Gelbtuch, Jamie B. | Morlan, Conrado With the possibility of managing five generations in the workplace, today's leader faces both the frustrations and benefits that multigenerational teams present. This paper addresses the importance…

  • Conquering chaos member content open

    By Bristol, Phil This paper creates a framework to analyze chaos, summarizes chaos symptoms and implications, and proposes an action framework to achieve a high-performance transformation. Leaders will discover how…

  • Paranoid project and program managers perform and succeed member content open

    By Forman, James B. | Discenza, Richard Project and program managers need to develop a healthy degree of paranoia regardless of their natural dispositions. As former Intel CEO Andy Grove reminded his employees, "only the paranoid survive…

  • Leadership and team dynamics in the new millennium member content open

    By Raghupathy, Shobhna There is a pronounced shift in the demands confronting organizational leadership, and these changes are a reflection of shifts in the global marketplace. With globalization, companies need to…

  • How to secure 360 stakeholder buy-in and sustain it? member content open

    By Aziz, Emad E. Across all industries, organization types, and project sizes, success or failure is largely dependent on having the right levels of team commitment, stakeholder buy-in, and executive support.…

  • Managing challenges of leading, motivating, and grooming talent in small teams member content open

    By Khanna, Vimal Kumar Managing large projects and project teams is a complex problem, producing a significant amount of published work focused on addressing the associated challenges. However, a number of projects, both…