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  • A typology framework for virtual project teams member content open

    By Ludden, Padhraic | Ledwith, Ann In the modern work environment, the need for organizations and people to work on a global level has increased. Today, the team as a grouping of co-located people working for a common purpose is no…

  • Information contingencies in the virtual teams of global new product development projects member content open

    By Lohikoski, Päivi | Kujala, Jaakko | Haapasalo, Harri | Ala-Mursula, Leena Virtual teams are increasingly common in global businesses, and it is easy to establish a team of experts located across the globe, collaborating by email, tele- and web-conferencing, and other…

  • Predicting team performance based on past individual achievements using artificial neural networks member content open

    By Hedberg, Fredrik | Granqvist, Ida | Nilsson, Emma | Skjutar, Kristin | Torstensson, Patrik Ever since the Roman Empire, groups have been composed, compared, and contrasted based on individual performance. However, which are the key determinants of group performance? Is it possible to…

  • Teamwork and innovation member content open

    By Hoegl, Martin Implementing innovative projects often requires project teams to acquire new knowledge and use new processes for completing their work. But like all projects, the outcome is determined by how well a…

  • Leveraging project team expertise for better project solutions member content open

    By Grant, Kevin P. | Baumann, Michael R. By assembling cross-functional, multi-disciplinary project teams, organizations can increase their team's potential for success: Such teams comprise the expertise required to solve a particular…

  • Building highly effective information systems project teams member content open

    By Smith, D. C. | Harris, M. | Myersclough, P. | Wood, A. The use of teams in organizations is becoming more prevalent as teams are the most efficient work unit of human capital. An effective team is more productive than the sum of the productivity of its…

  • Developing superior project teams member content open

    By Edward J. | Kinlaw, Claire S. | Kinlaw, Dennis C. Despite the close relationship between project management and teams, there is little literature about team development in the context of project work. Throughout much of the history of project…