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    Public Domain member content locked

    By Hendershot, Steve Agile approaches are no longer an enemy of the state. Following the private tech sector's lead, governments around the world are finally embracing change by adopting agile as a preferred delivery…

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    Restructured Role member content locked

    The more prevalent agile approaches become, the more people begin to doubt a PMO's value. I've heard stories in which the PMO is among the first casualties after an organization adopts agile. How…

  • people-process-culture-thumbnail.jpg

    A NextPert Perspective

    By PMI Next-generation project leaders envision a customer-focused agile state.

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    Across The Spectrum member content locked

    By Rockwood, Kate For years, Michael Thompson, PMP, brushed off suggestions from other project professionals that he try agile approaches. "I was a hardcore waterfall guy for a long time and just not interested,"…

  • Hybrid Project Approaches

    A Little Bit of Both

    Project professionals explain the value of building a skillset for hybrid approaches.

  • spectrum-approaches-thumbnail.jpg

    A Spectrum of Approaches

    By PMI The quest for success starts with the right approach to support project delivery. Project characteristics and organizational needs should be the basis of selecting an approach.

  • agility-flyer-thumbnail.jpg

    Deliver Projects Better with any Approach

    By PMI Agility remains a growing force in how organizations execute their initiatives. They achieve it by focusing on people, process, and culture. A one-size-fits-all approach isn't always best.

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    Farmer Feedback Loop registered user content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The pitch to farmers was much the same as in every other industry: The power of big data, analytics and remote technologies could improve productivity and avoid waste. Armed with tools like weather…

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    Chart Your Own Path registered user content locked

    By Fewell, Jesse Jesse Fewell recently asked project professionals he's worked with this question: "What does agile mean to you?" Dozens of people answered, and one pattern emerged: Nobody agreed. For some, the…

  • Agile Elevated

    Agile Elevated

    Certification helped these project professionals boost their careers and become change agents within their organizations.


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