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  • PM Network

    A Journey to Solutions

    By Espy, Leigh Having the right information at the right time can make or break a project's success. But it's a mistake for project managers to assume this means that they have to have all of the answers at the…

  • PM Network

    Learn To Let Go

    By Fewell, Jesse Learn to let go of the decisions you think you can make faster. Facilitating the right people to take ownership of the right issues is not only better for the project. It's better for your career.

  • PM Network

    Fork in the Road

    By Rockwood, Kate Scuffle, settle or surrender? That's the choice Farhan Shamim, PMP, faced last year while he oversaw a program to rebuild 26 schools affected by severe flooding in Pakistan. The program was going…

  • PM Network

    Life Hacks

    Project practitioners from all over the world answer the question: How do you apply project management skills in everyday life?

  • PM Network

    The new sponsor

    By Tilk, David You've found yourself as the sponsor of a new project, the one that's supposed to change the way your organization does business. Your business unit is going to be one of the most affected areas, so…

  • Leadership through Project Management (PM Network)

    The Majority

    A self-proclaimed "sneaker geek," Rob Langstaff founded RYZ on the principle that unlike “the fashionista elite who dictate style from on high,” his company would invite anyone to design the perfect…

  • PM Network

    Partnership poker

    By Somani, Sheilina Practicing project management is much like playing poker: One must balance the risks of failing against the odds of winning. Understanding this dynamic can help project managers more effectively…

  • Leadership in Project Management (PM Network)

    Zero In

    By Fairweather, Virginia When faced with a dilemma, experienced executives can draw on a career's worth of knowledge to make a strategic decision. But for project managers, the decision-making process can be tricky—they…

  • PM Network

    Creative genius

    By Hildebrand, Carol Those project-oriented organizations that promote creative work environments are those that provide their project teams with the freedom they need to generate innovative project solutions. This…

  • Leadership in Project Management (PM Network)


    Judgment has everything to do with leadership. Any project manager uses performance data to evaluate and make decisions. However, you can't just analyze data and calculate a good answer; that's not…