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  • Greatness, a Place beyond Stakeholders' Expectations member content open

    By Deguire, Manon Managing stakeholder engagement calls upon something quite different from process groups and domains of knowledge, it calls upon the ability to create emotional responses such as enthusiasm, trust,…

  • Uncover gaps in your requirements using requirements risk management techniques member content open

    By Lee, Cheryl | Schibi, Ori According to a 2014 Project Management Institute Pulse of the Profession® report, inaccurate requirements gathering is the second most common reason for project failure, second only to changing…

  • Collaborating with stakeholders member content open

    By Haney, Victoria B. According to a variety of studies, 60 percent of software defects are linked directly to incorrect or incomplete requirements, with most project teams spending less than 8 percent of their time on…

  • Requirements management – planning for success! member content open

    By Coventry, Tim Managing requirements is a key tool for business and project success. This paper explains some of the concepts of requirements management and introduces a number of techniques that can be applied.…

  • Taking requirements to the next level member content open

    By Burek, Paul If a project suffers from vague or misunderstood requirements, missing information, or an unclear definition of scope, project failure may be imminent. These problems can occur with any type of…

  • Mastering project requirements member content open

    By Maritato, Michele Requirements management is a key task throughout the life cycle of projects, with early requirements manifested prior to project initiation. The process is iterative, with requirements being…

  • Requirements--shmirements! member content open

    By Walker, Loran W. For many project managers, defining project requirements--what the client wants--can be one of the most difficult and most crucial tasks of any project. Failure to accurately determine requirements…

  • Mastering the project requirements member content open

    By Maritato, Michele Requirements are gathered and managed throughout all projects, at different levels of details. The best practices of the business analysis discipline suggest that for an effective management of…

  • The marriage of professions-- business analysis & project management can live happily ever after-- together! member content open

    By Millhollan, Chuck Research on why projects fail typically leads to a realization that there were poor or incomplete requirements. If users define requirements, and user perception determines project success, why are…

  • Partnering for project success member content open

    By Carkenord, Barbara | Cartwright, Chris | Grace, Robin | Goldsmith, Larry | Larson, Elizabeth | Skrabak, Jen | Vonk, Cornelis To reduce project risk and generate products and services that satisfy customer requirements, many organizations are adding to their project team a new role: The business analyst. But this role is…