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  • Leadership and team dynamics in the new millennium member content open

    By Raghupathy, Shobhna There is a pronounced shift in the demands confronting organizational leadership, and these changes are a reflection of shifts in the global marketplace. With globalization, companies need to…

  • Dealing with the edge of chaos using emotional, cultural and spiritual intelligence member content open

    By Langosco, Max Often challenging, complex projects are limited, and locked into corporate processes and procedures that simply do not fit the scale, the complexity, or the other challenges being faced. This paper…

  • The project manager as team coach member content open

    By Woods, Juanita | Abdon, Pamela Coaching is a widely recognized business management skill today, with business leaders focusing on coaching their direct reports to success. Coaching can be a valuable tool in the toolkit of a…

  • 21st century leadership of global project teams member content open

    By Ju, Ray Recent advancements in technological tools and business practices have enabled organizations to bridge the once-prohibitive gaps of distance and time: Today's organizations more commonly work…

  • Teambuilding--beyond pizza and pipe cleaners member content open

    By Love, Margaret L. To help a group of project professionals unite to form a highly efficient and highly collaborative project team, project managers must establish a commonality among the team members, one that…

  • Motivation member content open

    By Peterson, Tonya M. Because projects are implemented by project teams, a project team's performance significantly affects a project's outcome. And experienced project managers are often highly skilled in knowing how to…

  • Successful motivational techniques for virtual teams member content open

    By Levin, Ginger | Rad, Parviz F. As more organizations choose to implement projects to realize strategy and objectives, more organizations are increasingly establishing virtual project teams to engage the best professionals…

  • I'm leading, is anyone following? member content open

    By Mallick, Joli Successful project managers not only control their project's technical issues but also guide their team's performance. This paper examines how project managers can most effectively lead their…