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  • PM Network

    Agile Infusion

    PM Network interviews Benjamin Marais, CIO at Liberty Group South Africa.

  • PM Network

    Unfamiliar Territory

    By Rockwood, Kate Size and agility don't always go hand in hand, but it's precisely the combination that large organizations need to become disrupters in today's fast-changing business environment. That's why some of…

  • PM Network

    Farmer Feedback Loop

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The pitch to farmers was much the same as in every other industry: The power of big data, analytics and remote technologies could improve productivity and avoid waste. Armed with tools like weather…

  • PM Network

    Agile command

    By Butler, Steve With today's accelerating business environment demanding a more agile project environment, portfolio managers working to increase their organization's flexibility should view the project management…

  • PM Network

    Trying agile on for size

    By MacNeil, Jennifer Kaniecki With pressure to deliver value on complex, multi-year projects early and often, integrating an agile philosophy into the project management methodology of mature industries can be daunting.…

  • PM Network

    Agile cliff jumping

    By Fewell, Jesse Agile cliff jumping presents a practical perspective on what managers launching their first agile projects can expect, such as working incrementally through project phases, persevering when the…