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    A healthy hybrid

    By Schupak, Amanda When the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced a mandatory update for the codes doctors and hospitals use to report and charge for patient services, it gave providers five years…

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    Learn before you leap

    By Lang, Toby Transitioning to an agile process like Scrum can be challenging. This article reports how one project manager's organization transitioned to agile quickly and notes how the organization failed to…

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    Fortune tellers

    By Sultan, Saleh | Casey, Alan | Castellan, Martin | Dunston, Laurie N. The month of December is the time when many make predictions for the upcoming year. This article features four project professionals forecasting changes that will occur in the project management…

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    Change agent

    By Kerner, Bob This article features the senior vice president and chief digital officer at New York Stock Exchange Euronext (New York, NY, USA) discussing how his company made agile methodologies the centerpiece…

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    Step by step

    By Jackson, Michelle Bowles Agile's ever-growing popularity has encouraged project managers to consider approaches beyond established techniques, and the traditional waterfall approach doesn't always work for projects with…

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    Smooth flight

    By Fretty, Peter In the airline business, a single delayed flight can set off a chain of events that require real-time updates to displays at airport terminals. This article discusses how a Portuguese airline's…

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    Atlassian, Sydney, Australia

    By Hildebrand, Carol By using agile methodologies, companies can effectively, efficiently, and quickly realize many critical benefits that range from prioritizing tasks and resolving problems to fostering innovation and…

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    Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., Columbus, Ohio, USA

    By Ladika, Susan Agile project management enables organizations to respond quickly to changing project and market conditions--in ways that optimize resources so as to achieve more with less. This article discusses…

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    Less is more

    By Smith, Jeff Skilled project managers excel in keeping project teams focused on their project goals. This question-and-answer article features the CIO of financial services provider Suncorp (Brisbane, Australia)…

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    Full speed ahead

    By Hildebrand, Carol Countless reports have documented the notoriously poor performance of software development project teams. In response, many software companies have expended much effort and money in developing new…