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    Change in the Air member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah, The fight against climate change is at an inflection point. Leaders around the world have set bold targets to slash greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming. An energy system based on…

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    Charged with Innovation member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Some technologies resist improvements. Take the lithium-ion batteries in laptops and mobile devices: They continue to bedevil project teams on the hunt for big breakthroughs that deliver longer…

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    Vine of the Times member content locked

    By Alderton, Matt Winemakers are going on a high-tech binge. Sensors in vineyards can collect data to determine when to water and pick grapes. Robots are tackling manual viticulture tasks, such as weed control. And…

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    Embrace the Bots member content locked

    By Mustafa, Abid The robots are coming—now. This big tech disruption is set to invade various aspects of corporate life, delivering efficiencies and better customer experiences at the expense of some jobs. In…

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    Forward Charge member content locked

    By Greengard, Samuel The rules of the road are changing. Electric vehicles (EVs) are going to be cheaper to buy than internal combustion engine vehicles by 2029 and will outsell them by 2040, according to Bloomberg New…

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    Survival Strategy member content locked

    As revenue growth slows and digital challengers grab market share, banks are ramping up digitalization project spending in a bid to secure the future.

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    Sandscape Architecture member content locked

    Some buildings call attention to themselves by blending in. So it is with the Bee'ah headquarters, which aims to match its surrounding landscape: the sand dunes of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Yet…

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    Underwater Ambition member content locked

    Who says water and oil don't mix? Billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas sit untapped beneath the Arctic's frozen surface. The Russian government wants to kick its…

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    Scare Tactic member content locked

    Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... a robotic falcon? During a three-month pilot project completed at the end of the third quarter 2017, travelers at Edmonton International…

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    Back To The Future member content locked

    By Jones, Tegan In a world moving faster, commercial air travel speeds are overdue for an upgrade. Supersonic flights have been possible for 70 years, but the last commercial flight traveling faster than the speed…


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