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  • c-suite-disruptive-tech-thumbnail.jpg

    The C-Suite Outlook

    By Forbes Insights Examines the role the C-suite should play in supporting digital transformation and how organizations can foster a culture of constant change.

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    The Next Generation PMO

    By Capgemini Explores the impact of disruptive technologies on the next generation PMO through analysis of a survey with PMO directors and discussion with functional business managers across a variety of…

  • forge-future-disruptive-technology-thumbnail.jpg

    Forging the Future

    By Accenture Rapid advances in digital technology are fundamentally redefining our world. To build their future, organizations must be willing to actively interrupt their status quo.

  • implement-project-portfolio-c-suite thumbnail.png

    Implementing the Project Portfolio: A Vital C-Suite Focus

    By PMI To examine how companies fare in portfolio management, this study, done in collaboration with EIU, draws on a global survey of more than 500 senior executives from a range of industries plus…

  • win-portfolio-management-practitioner-perspective thumbnail.png

    Winning through Project Portfolio Management: The Practitioner’s Perspective

    By PMI To gauge the impact of superior portfolio management capabilities, we collaborated with BCG to capture the often neglected but very important view of portfolio managers. The study confirms that…

  • deliver-strategy-portfolio-management thumbnail.png

    Delivering on Strategy: The Power of Portfolio Management

    By PMI This report reveals the leading practices of organizations that realize the benefits of portfolio management. Developed with Deloitte, it’s a synthesis of lessons learned from the C-suite and…

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    PMO Frameworks

    By PMI This report enables PMOs to benchmark themselves against the most common PMO frameworks and the key practices of each type. The report compares the methods, services and processes used by the…

  • pmo-strategy-implementation-american-english thumbnail.png

    The Impact of PMOs on Strategy Implementation

    By PMI This research identifies key practices of high-performing PMOs that enable them to realize their potential in contributing value to their organizations and to implement strategy more effectively…

  • bcg-strategic-initiative-management thumbnail.png

    Strategic Initiative Management: The PMO Imperative

    By PMI Developed in partnership with The Boston Consulting Group, this report highlights how PMOs can play a crucial role in delivering organizational value by supporting the implementation of strategic…

  • why-good-strategies-fail-report thumbnail.png

    Why good strategies fail: Lessons for the C-suite

    By PMI Senior executives recognize that strategy implementation is essential to competitiveness, but a majority admit to poor performance in this area. Unfortunately, many executives ignore the problem.…