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    Diversity Decode

    By Parsi, Novid Big tech is getting innovative to solve its lingering diversity problem. From implementing artificial intelligence (AI) hiring tools aimed at eliminating unconscious biases to hosting hackathons…

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    Enhanced Existence

    Augmented reality (AR) is getting increasingly real. Thanks to the ubiquity of social media and smartphones, more consumers have access to AR than ever before—though they may not realize it. At the…

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    Tecnología de la información

    By Bishel, Ashley | Hermans, Amanda Las crecientes amenazas cibernéticas probablemente guiarán las decisiones de contratación para 2020 y más allá. Un tercio de los directores ejecutivos mundiales señaló a la ciberseguridad como la…

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    Proteger e assegurar

    By Bishel, Ashley | Hermans, Amanda Afrequência e as participações financeiras de ataques cibernéticos e violações de dados continuaram provocando medos globais no ano passado — e para o futuro. Estima-se que o cibercrime atinja US$ 6…

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    IT, Heal Thyself

    IT is the lifeblood of many businesses, meaning even a little bit of downtime carries a high cost. In fact, 98 percent of organizations report that a single hour of IT downtime costs at least US$100…

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    TI, autosanación

    La TI es la esencia de muchos negocios, por lo que incluso una breve interrupción acarrea un alto costo. De hecho, el 98% de las organizaciones informa que una hora de inactividad de TI le cuesta al…

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    TI, cure-se

    A TI é a força vital de muitas empresas, o que significa que um mínimo tempo de inatividade custa muito. De fato, 98 por cento das organizações relatam que uma única hora de inatividade de TI custa…

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    In homes around the world, the voice-activated assistant Alexa has become ubiquitous, integrated into a million everyday moments. Amazon has sold over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices—and sparked a…

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    World Wide Web

    Vague but exciting ... Three words neatly written on the upper right-hand corner of a page. The document was a 1989 project proposal for an information management system by a 33-year-old British…

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    Netflix Streaming

    Netflix had already disrupted the entertainment business once, allowing customers to forgo the brick-and-mortar video store for the convenience of online shopping. It ranked as one of the United…