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  • Turning strategic goals into successful projects member content open

    By Schmidt, Terry Dean The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) was originally developed by the United State Agency for International Development (USAID) as a rigorous but flexible tool to plan, implement and evaluate…

  • Walk the Talk member content open

    By Baum, Michael J | Kaufman, Chris | Sarkar, Baisali Effective, consistent usage of a common project management approach based on the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) requires significant commitment, sponsorship, and…

  • Towards the advancement of project management practice in developing countries member content open

    By Zuofa, Tarila. | Ochieng, Edward G. Project management in most developing countries today continues to be fractured in its structure and approach, thereby triggering high degrees of failure, abandonment, or collapse of most government…

  • Defining organizational project management member content open

    By Williams, Nigel L. Although organizational project management has been proposed as the logical extension of project management to the enterprise, it suffers from definitional issues, which creates a barrier to…

  • Achieving program success through an integrated strategic project management framework member content open

    By Giri, Jiwan | Lambert, Laurie Today's organizations are increasingly looking for those project managers with the skills to manage projects and programs that contribute to realizing strategic objectives. This paper examineshow…

  • Applying chaos theory in a project based organization member content open

    By Englund, Randall L. Human behavior, much like nature, follows predictable patterns. But slight changes--in both types of patterns--can cause unpredictable, even chaotic situations. This paper examines how project…

  • Successfully developing project management capability in a global corporation member content open

    By Robertson, Catherine Developing a process to improve a large organization's project management competency--particularly within those corporations that plan and implement a vast range of projects varying greatly in type…

  • ®Blue print for project success member content open

    By Po-Chedley, David A. | St. Germain, Rob Creating a best-in-class project organization often demands using processes from numerous change-oriented programs. This paper examines the 10 key activities that can help project managers transform…

  • Seminars & Symposium

    Project management in the Correios (Brazilian Post Co.) member content open

    By Rosalem, Maria de Lourdes | Silva Junior, Aloysio Vianna da Correios has more than 100,000 collaborators and delivers around 32 million parcels a day, in an area bigger than the continental United States. This paper tries to demonstrate that project…

  • The underlying theory of project management is obsolete member content open

    By Koskela, Lauri | Howell, Gregory A. The authors contend that it is possible to point out the underlying theoretical foundation of project management as espoused in the PMBOK® Guide and mostly applied in practice, and to show, by…