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  • Project Management Journal

    Thinly and Thickly Capitalized Projects member content locked

    By Styhre, Alexander In the contemporary economy, finance industry interests and finance theory propositions increasingly determine investment behavior. Project management scholars access conceptual frameworks and…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project Studies Beyond the Straitjacket member content locked

    By Jacobsson, Mattias | Söderholm, Anders This article provides insights into ways in which project studies can be extended to make further impact on and contributions to other research domains, including more general management and…

  • Project Management Journal

    The Role of the Project Management Office (PMO) in Stimulating Innovation in Projects Initiated by Owner and Operator Organizations member content locked

    By Sergeeva, Natalya | Ali, Sultan This article explores the extent to which innovations are driven by the project management office (PMO), an internal unit within owner and operator organizations that is responsible for overall…

  • Project Management Journal

    The Challenges of Implementing Temporal Shifts in Temporary Organizations member content locked

    By Vaagaasar, Anne Live | Hernes, Tor | Dille, Therese We apply a situated temporal view to reveal the acute challenge actors face in making changes when their project moves toward its final deadline. A situated temporal view takes account not just of…

  • Project Management Journal

    The Management of Values in Project Business member content locked

    By Martinsuo, Miia Project value is an important topic of debate in project studies, and previous research has identified challenges in value management. This article reveals the challenges of subjectivity, dynamics,…

  • Project Management Journal

    Conflicting Notions of a Project member content locked

    By Kreiner, Kristian The field of project management has erected an impressive edifice of knowledge that apparently hinders us in learning anything from experience except what we already know. We will use the recent…

  • Project Management Journal

    The Worthy Human Being as Prosuming Subject member content locked

    By Berglund, Karin | Lindgren, Monica | Packendorff, Johann The projectified self is suggested in this article as a way to advance emancipatory project studies toward improved understandings of how individuals in contemporary neoliberal societies are urged…

  • Project Management Journal

    We Are Projects member content locked

    By Carlsen, Arne | Pitsis, Tyrone S. Research on projects has to a limited degree taken issue with how projects are chief producers of meaning at work. We develop the concept of narrative capital as a basic mechanism for how people can…

  • Project Management Journal

    Advancing Theory and Debate in Project Studies member content locked

    By Geraldi, Joana | Söderlund, Jonas | van Marrewijk, Alfons Project studies, in other words, the scholarly inquiry into project-based organizing and working life, is advancing. The field has gained increasing attention from scholars around the world and…

  • Project Management Journal

    Several Notes on the Existential Hermeneutic Phenomenology for Project Management and Possibilities of Its Extension by Other Existential Concepts member content locked

    By Müller, Michal | Jedličková, Lenka In this article, we follow up the approach of employing existential hermeneutic phenomenology (EHP) (Rolfe et al., 2016) published in Project Management Journal® and we show that this innovative…