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  • Refining earned schedule member content open

    By Cioffi, Denis Felix | Warburton, Roger David Hand A critical examination of the approximations involved in the standard execution of earned schedule is presented first; then, a formal analytical definition is provided, eliminating ambiguities and…

  • Critical chain project management member content open

    By Grant, Kevin P | Gergely, Marton This literature review assesses the current stage of research investigating Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and examines the role that academic researchers played in response to the…

  • The earned schedule member content open

    By Anbari, Frank T. The Earned Value Management (EVM) and the Critical Path Method (CPM) are widely accepted methods and are often used simultaneously to evaluate project performance. The common practice is to use EVM…

  • Development of a modelling framework for scheduling iteration in complex new product development projects member content open

    By Murphy, Evan | Ledwith, Ann Producing reliable schedules for new product development projects (NPD) can be difficult because of the inherent iteration involved in most development processes. Iteration is an essential feature…

  • Critical chain buffer sizing member content open

    By Tenera, Alexandra B. Successfully implementing a project plan hinges on the project manager's ability to develop a schedule that accommodates both the project's activities and its setbacks. This paper examines how…

  • Modeling project behavior member content open

    By De Marco, Alberto Project cost overruns and project schedule delays are common to all industries. Such performance demonstrates that the traditional approach to managing projects is not enough. Today, researchers and…

  • A method for integrating personnel into project schedule member content open

    By Gagnon, Michel The traditional approach to scheduling project activities involves using the resource constrained scheduling (RCPS) model. But the many tools derived from this model only estimate project costs in…

  • Analysis of resource buffer management in critical chain scheduling member content open

    By Tukel, Oya Icmeli | Rom, Walter Resource buffer management, one of the three buffers used to protect critical chain tasks from uncertainty, is a system for effectively prioritizing and scheduling a project's resources so that the…

  • Phase earned value analysis member content open

    By Bower, Douglas C. In the search to find methods to improve project performance, an increasing number of organizations--mostly those in the aerospace and defense industries--have adopted earned value management (EVM).…

  • Toward a unifying theory for compounding and cumulative impacts of project risks and changes member content open

    By Cooper, Kenneth G. Much too common are those projects that fail because of the cumulative effect of several small setbacks, the impact of which significantly drives project costs over budget and schedules past…