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    Snap Precision

    By Fewell, Jesse If you've worked on agile projects, you've likely heard an agile champion make bizarre statements about estimating a budget and schedule. When you press further for estimates, you might get an even…

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    Migratory patterns

    By Schupak, Amanda It's a familiar story: Several years ago you paid a premium your software and things have changed a lot since then. Now it's time to move to a new place but where do you begin? This article explains…

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    Value proposition

    By Fewell, Jesse Agile approaches are often considered only for slippery-scope projects in which the sponsor piles on work and the project manager gladly adds time to the schedule and spends more money. This article…

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    Policing the agile expressway

    By Burba, Donovan The advent of agile represented a revolution. A departure from the do-this-then-that process dictated by waterfall, agile approaches unshackled team members' innate creativity and self-organization.…

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    A healthy hybrid

    By Schupak, Amanda When the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced a mandatory update for the codes doctors and hospitals use to report and charge for patient services, it gave providers five years…

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    Big delivery in small packages

    By Alderton, Matt Enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects are notorious for running late and over budget. This article discusses how adopting agile processes can help ERP projects stay on budget and on schedule.…