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    Project owners member content locked

    By Cleland, David I Owners of capital projects in the energy industries have often ignored their project management responsibilities. As a result, they have failed to adequately manage their project resources. This…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project planning for factory automation member content locked

    By Meredith, Jack R. High wages, international competition, and market demands for better quality, more diverse, and lower cost products are pushing many United States manufacturing companies to adopt and integrate new…

  • Project Management Journal

    Commercially available project tracking systems member content locked

    By Kerzner, Harold | Thamhain, Hans J. To efficiently manage projects, project managers must acquire relevant information that they can interpret and analyze, information that they can use to assess project progressions, detect potential…

  • Project Management Journal

    Planning project management member content locked

    By Dinsmore, Paul C. The outcome of a project--its success or failure--is determined by the quality of its management plan, also known as a project management strategic plan (PMSP). This article discusses how project…

  • Project Management Journal

    Conceptual Project Planning from an Owner's Perspective member content locked

    By Signore, Andrew A. During the conceptual planning phase of capital projects, also known as schematic design, architects and engineers develop the project scope through detailed design documents that they use to…

  • Project Management Journal

    An Aid to Project Management in Large Organizations member content locked

    By Mandakovic, Tomislav. | Mandakovic, Tomislav Project managers working in large organizations must often overcome the constraints imposed by their organization's formal and informal structures. Only by understanding the types of problems that…

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    The challenge of project management member content locked

    By Rustin, A. In addition to planning for the known project events, project managers could avoid project problems by also planning for the unknown events that can delay project delivery and escalate project cost.…

  • Project Management Journal

    A strategy for ongoing project evaluation member content locked

    By Cleland, David I. By evaluating projects before, during, and after implementation, project managers can most effectively plan, organize, monitor, and control their project's activities and progress. This article…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project management member content locked

    By Bitner, L. M. Before project management researchers and practitioners can begin to articulate a field theory, they need to first address the field's lack of a methodology for project start-up. This article…

  • Project Management Journal

    Planning in the construction industry member content locked

    By Muspratt, Murray A. The construction industry is notorious for its unsophisticated strategic planning procedures, a fact swayed by the sheer difficulty in making accurate predictions in a market wrought with much…