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    The great debate

    By Fewell, Jesse Is it more important for project managers to use a particular methodology when leading projects? Or should they instead craft processes applicable to specific projects? This article explores these…

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    Looking for an edge

    By Fewell, Jesse Over the past decade, the agile approach has emerged as a significant strategic weapon for implementing projects that meet customer needs. This article looks at how the agile approach can help…

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    The incredible shrinking team

    By Ladika, Susan Worldwide, companies are responding to the volatility shaping the current economy by reducing their investments in projects. As a result, project teams are increasingly smaller and increasingly…

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    Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., Columbus, Ohio, USA

    By Ladika, Susan Agile project management enables organizations to respond quickly to changing project and market conditions--in ways that optimize resources so as to achieve more with less. This article discusses…

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    Foolish behavior

    By Keeler, Max Project management offices (PMOs) can help organizations generate value in innumerable ways. And one of the most significant involves inculcating project management practices and principles into…

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    Less is more

    By Smith, Jeff Skilled project managers excel in keeping project teams focused on their project goals. This question-and-answer article features the CIO of financial services provider Suncorp (Brisbane, Australia)…

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    Full speed ahead

    By Hildebrand, Carol Countless reports have documented the notoriously poor performance of software development project teams. In response, many software companies have expended much effort and money in developing new…

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    Reconciling differences

    By Fretty, Peter Agile development techniques and project management practices are traditionally considered incompatible processes. This article dismantles this belief by showing how software developers are…

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    Agile manufacturing company management, EIP style

    By Felman, Montie | Knoop, Patricia The Enterprise Integration Program (EIP) is an initiative of the United States Air Force Manufacturing Technology (MANTECH) aimed at developing guidelines to help enterprise managers institute the…