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  • Project Management Journal

    A decision model for considering in-house and extramural funding decisions member content locked

    By Oldham, Conniesue B. | Ege, Gul | Ripberger, Carl T. One of the most important decisions that an organization makes when initiating a project is deciding whether to implement the project internally with its own staff or externally with specialty…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project management lessons from the past decade of mega-projects member content locked

    By Lewis, Wayne M. | Jens, R. Michael. The 1970s was an era dominated by complex multi-phased, interdisciplinary projects. Realizing these projects introduced project management issues that have significantly advanced the profession,…

  • Project Management Journal

    Endicott oil field member content locked

    By Flones, Peter F. Building the first offshore Arctic oil field is a difficult enough challenge. Building it on schedule and under budget requires a well-structured project management process. This article discusses…

  • Project Management Journal

    The history of modern project management member content locked

    By Archibald, Russell D. As the third installment of a series of articles detailing the early years of modern project management, this article features one accomplished practitioner and researcher discussing his beginnings…

  • Project Management Journal

    A heuristic algorithm for scheduling capital investment projects member content locked

    By Benjamin, Colin Othniel When project planners generate effective investment schedules, they are better able to minimize task duration without exceeding resource constraints. But the challenge is in creating schedules with…

  • Project Management Journal

    The New Australian Parliament House . member content locked

    By Nixon, Trevor R. | Greenberger, Alan Australia's new parliament house. For nearly eighty years, the government of Australia has discussed and debated plans to build a federal parliament building in the country's capital city. This…

  • Project Management Journal

    A computerized algorithm to assess practical merits of work load histograms member content locked

    By Harhalakis, G. | Davies, B. J. | Manzoor, T. Non-storable resource schedules are subject to two primary influences: those related to time constrained scheduling and those related to resource constrained scheduling. This article evaluates…

  • Project Management Journal

    Information systems design for project management member content locked

    By Raymond, Louis Computer-based information systems have emerged as essential tools for helping project managers both plan and control their projects and generate project reports and make project decisions. This…

  • Project Management Journal

    Legal lights member content locked

    By Nixon, Mary Anne F. There is heighten awareness in today’s world of “business ethics” because so many are “getting caught.” If an action is deemed by society to be unethical, does the morality/immorality issue also…

  • Project Management Journal

    "On time" project completion--managing the critical path member content locked

    By Hamburger, David H. Those project owners who demand that their project team follow a tight schedule and complete the work on a specific date are causing their projects to most likely fail in terms of either cost or…