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  • Project Management Quarterly

    Costing of operations improvement projects

    By Heard, Edwin L. To improve existing operations processes, many organizations are implementing operations improvement projects. But researchers have learned that such projects often fail because project managers and…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    About delays, overruns & corrective actions

    By Sharad, Dick When project delays and overruns occur, project managers must quickly and appropriately respond with corrective actions that set the project back on course. This article examines how construction…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    An overview of project management and project management services

    By Caspe, Marc S. Though seemingly similar, the art and science of project management and the contractual agreement between a project owner and their project designer and their project builder--known as project…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Management of construction projects

    By Simpkin, John G. Although numerous construction organizations and government agencies recognize the significance of practicing construction management, many more do not practice it nor do they accept it. Those…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    A systems look at today's public problems

    By Stuckenbruck, Linn C. Many non-aerospace organizations that have adopted a aerospace industry's systems approach to managing projects, doing so with the hope that they too will replicate the success achieved by those…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project management in human service organizations

    By Cook, Desmond L. Over the past decade, project management has evolved from a discipline used to implement military and construction projects to a process practiced by government-funded organizations providing human…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Applying behavioral research findings on construction projects

    By Borcherding, John D. Although numerous recent behavioral science studies have examined the experience of working within the industrial sector, only now are researchers beginning to look at the experience of working in…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    New directions for management control of project plans

    By Pekar, Peter Paul The high rates of inflation and unemployment, and the shortages of supplies and suppliers, that defined the United States' business environment during the early 1970s set up an opportunity for…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Will the real critical path please stand up ?

    By Herbets, J. S. Managing projects involves more than plotting a project's development along a critical path. It demands that project managers know beforehand what resources are available and when these resources…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    The basic project management reference library

    By Cook, Desmond L. | Adams, John R. | Hannah, H. D. One measure of a discipline's level of professionalism is the quantity and quality of literature on the problems and techniques unique to that discipline. This article summarizes the results of a…