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    Savings on the go

    By Swanson, Sandra A. This article explores how a Singapore bank team convinced its executive management to accept a coupon-based mobile app (Breeze Living) project with a non-financial ROI goal. In doing so, it details…

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    Growing pains

    By Pattrick, Dean The mobile phone market moves fast, and industry suppliers must keep up to stay in business. This article features the head of the project management office for a mobile phone supplier who discusses…

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    People power

    By Fewell, Jesse An agile project manager is expected to recognize human responsibility and lead accordingly. Agile can help deliver a project and help make the most of the talented people behind the projects. This…

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    What GM and Toyota can teach us

    By McKie, Nate Organizations aren't always the most flexible, especially when large corporations and government agencies transition from waterfall or spiral methodologies to agile and lean processes. Moving to an…

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    Change is good

    By Hunsberger, Kelley Two words project managers do not like to hear are scope creep. However, for project managers working with the agile methodology, it does not have to be that scary. This article explores how agile…

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    How much?

    By Fewell, Jesse The question of "how much/how many do we need" is one organizations worldwide continuously debate throughout the course of every work day. How much time? How many meetings? How much money? How many…

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    The sweet spot

    By Hildebrand, Carol As more non-IT-based organizations look to improve the way they select and implement projects, more are looking into adopting agile methodologies to quickly achieve the goals they want--for and with…

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    Philosophical makeover

    By Guy, Sandra In decades past, business operations and organizational processes were usually static because the nature of doing business was, for the most part, static. But the volatility of today's markets…

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    Atlassian, Sydney, Australia

    By Hildebrand, Carol By using agile methodologies, companies can effectively, efficiently, and quickly realize many critical benefits that range from prioritizing tasks and resolving problems to fostering innovation and…

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    Evaluating an agile method for planning and controlling innovative projects member content locked

    By Conforto, Edivandro Carlos | Amaral, Daniel Capaldo This article presents an extensive investigation carried out in two technology-based companies of the S~ao Carlos technological pole in Brazil. Based on this multiple case study and literature…