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    Full speed ahead

    By Hildebrand, Carol Countless reports have documented the notoriously poor performance of software development project teams. In response, many software companies have expended much effort and money in developing new…

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    Reconciling differences

    By Fretty, Peter Agile development techniques and project management practices are traditionally considered incompatible processes. This article dismantles this belief by showing how software developers are…

  • Project Management Journal

    Duck alignment theory member content locked

    By Lidow, Derek Most project management texts and training programs imply that any project can be successful as long as certain guidelines for defining, planning, and implementing the project are followed. I have a…

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    Agile manufacturing company management, EIP style

    By Felman, Montie | Knoop, Patricia The Enterprise Integration Program (EIP) is an initiative of the United States Air Force Manufacturing Technology (MANTECH) aimed at developing guidelines to help enterprise managers institute the…