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  • Identifying and dealing with your "negative boss" and "negative peer managers" member content open

    By Khanna, Vimal Kumar A "negative manager" is a manager who is incapable of handling his or her responsibilities, but hides his or her incapabilities from the organization. He or she covers up his or her shortcomings by…

  • Reframing perceptions member content open

    By Oschaudleus, Jürgen Expert communicators and negotiators understand the power of "framing" statements to influence how ideas are perceived. Whether trying to sell a concept, convince an undecided stakeholder, or…

  • The Leader's Choice member content open

    By O'Brochta, Michael | Meloni, Giusi | Raghupathy, Shobhna | Pfeiffer, Peter | Taylor, Marty Making ethical decisions when confronted with a dilemma is a key to success along the project leadership journey. Using a framework to guide those decisions can be crucial to advancing project…

  • Comprehension member content open

    By Setti, Stefano | Ruffa, Michela From their investigations on the ethics in projects (a neologism--"ProgEtica/ProjEthics"--has been suggested in order to describe this type of research in one word), the authors have explored the…

  • Really--are you a "professional" project manager? Workshop member content open

    By Kindermans, Chris F | Meloni, Giusi | Ives, Mark Professional behaviour or "professional conduct" is a mandatory component to any profession: The credibility and reputation of any profession are indeed shaped by the collective conduct of…

  • Really-- are you a "professional" project manager ? member content open

    By Puyjalon, Gabriel de | Kindermans, Chris F. | Ives, Mark | Madapatu, Sajith | Meloni, Giusi | Pfeiffer, Peter This paper discusses benchmarking, defining, and learning the professional aspects of conducting project-related activities. Every Project Management Institute (PMI) member and credential holder,…

  • Ethics and moral leadership in project management member content open

    By Raghupathy, Shobhna In today's competitive business environment, project managers and leaders need to ensure that ethics permeate all aspects of organizational operations. As strategic initiatives are implemented…

  • Generating opportunities from constraints--ethics for project success member content open

    By Ruffa, Michela | Setti, Stefano From their investigating about complexity theories and their appliance to management context, authors assume that projects are Complex Adaptive Systems, i.e., systems characterized by…

  • Project management as a twenty-first century life skill member content open

    By Byrne, John J. Today's students--at all levels, from pre-school through graduate school--are learning the technical skills required to complete difficult business functions. But all too often, these students are…

  • When the triangle (budget-time-performance) becomes a rectangle with a fourth dimension (safety) member content open

    By Noval, Leith The triple constraint is a well known concept among project professionals. But many in the field have also argued for a fourth constraint. This paper examines the safety requirements of managing…