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    Top 10 Most Influential Projects in Architecture

    The top 10 most influential projects in architecture over the last 50 years.

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    Sydney Opera House

    The Sydney Opera House opened to the public in 1973—10 years behind schedule and 1,357 percent over budget. In the end, it had taken 14 years and a final cost of AU$102 million to translate those…

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    Burj Khalifa

    The Burj Khalifa isn't just the world's tallest building. The 828-meter (2,717-foot) structure is a towering symbol of the new Dubai, a global business and cultural center in the heart of the Middle…

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    Panama Canal Expansion

    Carving out one of the world's most important shipping shortcuts helped Panama earn its independence in 1903. Rebuilding it a century later helped the Central American nation restore its pride—and…

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    Ópera de Sydney

    Por demonstrar o poder da arquitetura de redefinir uma cidade

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    Ópera de Sídney

    Por demostrar el poder de la arquitecturapara redefinir una ciudad

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    Branching Out

    By Thomas, Jen The buzzy building material of the moment isn't a newly discovered metal mined from the Earth's core or a super-strong polymer created in a lab. No, it's actually one of the oldest construction…

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    Volver a las raíces

    By Thomas, Jen El material de construcción más popular del momento no es un metal recién descubierto y extraído del centro de la tierra, ni un polímero ultrarresistente creado en un laboratorio. No. En realidad es…

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    Elevação inesperada

    By Thomas, Jen Elevando-se 55 andares acima de Joanesburgo, o centro financeiro da África do Sul, Leonardo é um arranha-céu de uso misto sólido e reluzente. Mas não seria o prédio mais alto da África, a menos que…