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    Fork in the Road

    By Rockwood, Kate Scuffle, settle or surrender? That's the choice Farhan Shamim, PMP, faced last year while he oversaw a program to rebuild 26 schools affected by severe flooding in Pakistan. The program was going…

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    State Of The Art

    By Jones, Tegan Exhibits alone don't command massive crowds. In a world full of buzzy next big things vying for the attention of cultural jet-setters and the general public alike, the onus is on museums to craft a…

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    Life Hacks

    Project practitioners from all over the world answer the question: How do you apply project management skills in everyday life?

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    Ignore What Doesn't Matter

    By Robinson, Andrew During my career I've learned that the core role of a senior executive or project manager is not to analyze a lot of numbers and delegate decision making. Rather, it's to focus on what's truly…

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    On the Record

    By Barger, Robert If asked about a decision we made two hours ago, most of us could quickly recall the factors that led us to it. When asked about a decision we made two years ago, few of us would be able to do the…

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    The new sponsor

    By Tilk, David You've found yourself as the sponsor of a new project, the one that's supposed to change the way your organization does business. Your business unit is going to be one of the most affected areas, so…

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    Tough calls

    By Burba, Donovan Discover three ways project leaders can make better decisions to help ensure the success of their portfolios and keep projects and programs aligned with organizational strategy. Gathering the right…

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    Make time for ethics

    By Romack, Gwen K. Gwen K. Romack, PMP, discusses the small, everyday micro-decisions managers make that shape stakeholders' views of ethical decision making. The practical resources she proposes will help project…

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    The compliance tightrope

    By Somani, Sheilina Boundaries for compliance among members of project teams is rarely discussed; however, conscientious project managers should foster an atmosphere of openness so team members can feel secure enough…

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    Building for art's sake

    By Alderton, Matt A review of museum construction projects considers the challenges of building for art's sake. In Abu Dhabi, three world-class museums will be central to the United Arab Emirates' planned cultural…