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    Doing the bidding

    By Mustafa, Abid Bid management is a duty of the project management offices (PMOs) in some organizations, but not others. Abid Mustafa identifies some of the overlapping traits of bid management teams and PMOs and…

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    Estimates are just that

    By Jackson, Michelle Bowles Large swings in global financial markets have become a regular occurrence; some of the strongest economies have turned volatile, and political instability is a growing concern in many countries.…

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    Estimating on the go

    By Fretty, Peter Regardless of industry, cost overruns are a common concern for project managers. The evolution of estimating software is helping to address the problem. This article discusses recent trends…

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    Estimating errors

    By Swanson, Sandra A. Many projects have a thin margin of error to begin with, and economic pressures only complicate matters. When high-profile blunders occur, those involved find themselves in the harsh glare of the…

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    Heaven-- or hell?

    By Smallowitz, Howard | Stark, George It may seem unlikely that project management would have similarities with theology. However, the seven deadly sins are applicable to project estimating. This article discusses the seven deadly sins…

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    Bolts from the blue

    By Smart, Maya Payne At the core of practicing risk management is the essential truth that unforeseen events are unpredictable and therefore unknowable. Organizations can, however, establish a system that will enable…

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    A taxing project

    Successful projects often share one determining factor: A single project manager who provides strong leadership to the project team and who stands readily accountable for the project's outcome. This…

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    Timing is everything

    By Kaiser, Kim Estimating software is becoming increasingly sophisticated, helping companies to stay organized and adapt to rapid changes. This article features profiles of four companies that have implemented…

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    Calculate with confidence

    By Bauer, Natalie Cost-estimating software can be very useful, but is not the answer to all front-end problems. This article overviews some of the cost-estimating software products available on the market, and…

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    Hit the mark

    By Jackson, Lynne This article features three case studies of companies that have improved their estimating practices. San Jose-based power producer Calpine Corp. cut the time taken to develop schedules for its…