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    'Common' Knowledge?

    By Somani, Sheilina As project managers, we are aware of the criticality of communication—both transmitted and received. We are familiar with terms such as risk, assumptions and issues. We employ management skills and…

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    Give and go

    Talent transitions don't have to be a bump in the road for organizations. A knowledge transfer process can help deliver a smooth handoff and keep projects on track. We asked practitioners: How do…

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    Boston's lessons learned

    By Alderton, Matt The Big Dig has cast a long shadow over Boston, Massachusetts, USA. And with a new wave of major infrastructure projects now underway, project sponsors and practitioners in the city are determined…

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    Grid 2.0

    By Schur, Matt With the U.S. energy storage market expected to increase to US$1.5 billion, up from US$128 million in 2014, increasingly affordable battery projects will be entering the portfolios of utilities…

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    Living memory

    By Bahman, Alma When formal processes prove insufficient, mentors can offer effective ways of facilitating knowledge transfer. Partnering with more experienced colleagues can help practitioners motivate their team…

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    Passing the baton

    By Scorsone, Kendra "Passing the Baton" takes on the knowledge transfer challenge of a retiring work force. Kendra Scorsone, PMP, outlines four tips that organizations can use to tailor their knowledge transfer…

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    Blueprints of knowledge

    By Alderton, Matt Part of a special section on knowledge transfer, "Blueprints for Knowledge" features practitioners who advocate a top-down approach, including securing executive sponsorship, adopting formal…

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    Tricks of the trade

    By Warmington, Kelly Kelly Warmington, PMP, discusses four reliable ways to get project teams enthusiastic about sharing lessons learned: Start early in the project, incorporate reflection into your processes, hold open…

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    Team players

    By Bahman, Alma "Team Players" profiles the knowledge transfer approach of video game developer and publisher Ubisoft Entertainment and its Shanghai studio. At the global and the local level, practices such as…

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    'David Bowie is ...' a project

    By Parsi, Novid Go behind the scenes of a retrospective exhibit featuring David Bowie's influential career at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago, Illinois, USA. From putting together the project team,…