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  • PM Network

    Huddle up

    By Pitchko, John Daily stand-up meetings have become a common ritual of many teams. This article discusses how to tailor stand-up meetings to clear communication hurdles between program and project managers. It…

  • PM Network

    Come together, right now

    By Merrick, Amy In an ideal world, team members would spend time building rapport before diving into a project. But project practitioners often have to get a team up and running while its members are still getting…

  • PM Network

    Keep it personal

    By Zoninsein, Manuela S. When managing a virtual project team, project managers must primarily communicate with team members via the Internet and the telephone. To accomplish this effectively, project managers must…

  • PM Network

    Talk the talk

    By Wunder, Sarah Stone Project success is the result of how well a team works together in realizing a project. And how well a team works together depends on how well a project manager communicates with the team members…

  • PM Network

    Community collaboration

    By Essex, David As more project teams rely on e-mail and the Internet to communicate and collaborate, more project managers are looking for innovative Web-based tools to facilitate project implementation. This…

  • PM Network

    Cross-cultural collaboration

    By Hildebrand, Carol As more organizations expand their operations and relationships to compete globally, as they strive to obtain opportunities for work in countries much different than their own or outsource their…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project team performance member content locked

    By Chiocchio, Franois Many researchers have noted that those project teams which communicate often will usually perform better. But practitioners often lack a comprehensive understanding of how they can ensure that their…

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    Slice it up

    By Lara, Gloria In today's project-oriented marketplace, organizations are implementing project management to not only meet time, cost, and scope targets but also accomplish significant competitive advantages. This…

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    At odds

    By Hutchinson, David | Payne, Fred One undervalued role that project managers play is helping the members of their project teams translate each other's professional idiom and create a common language that helps the whole team work…

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    Anytime, anywhere

    By Essex, David E The recent advances in technology and telecommunications--the evolution of the Internet, the rise of wireless networking--are redefining how people collaborate. This article examines the…