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    Justify the means

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Organizations have long viewed social responsibility projects as both investments in promoting a positive image and in improving the quality of their work and community environments. But the recent…

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    Code of Conduct: A Consistent Value System Helps Projects Run More Smoothly

    By Somani, Sheilina Building successful relationships--even across seemingly contrasting cultures--involves two critical factors: shared values and shared ethics. This article describes the author's experience in…

  • PM Network

    To tell the truth

    By Somani, Sheilina When project team members believe they will receive harsh criticism and punishment for mistakes, they will not provide reports that accurately describe the current state of an under-performing…

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    Give and you shall receive

    By Bucero, Alfonso Professional project managers play an important role in helping a project team understand their responsibilities--to each other, to the client, and to all those stakeholders (both the identified and…

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    Code of conduct

    By Jones, Tegan When project professionals work in cultures different than their own, particularly when they work in cultures with developing markets and contradictory or highly complex regulations, they must…

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    Cause & effect

    By Kent, Simon Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are not completely altruistic acts. Organizations usually only implement CSR initiatives that coincide with their business strategies. But this does…

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    Education access

    By Ladika, Susan By practicing corporate social responsibility (CSR), companies can help improve the quality of life in the communities in which they operate. This article discusses how USA-based fruit and vegetable…

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    Citizen of the world

    By Sullivan, Tom To establish an identity as an environmentally and ethically minded organization, companies--both the large and the small--around the world are developing and implementing a variety of corporate…

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    Right from wrong

    By Sullivan, John Professional project managers are expected to practice their discipline ethically. But when an ethical project professional encounters evidence that a peer is violating acceptable standards of…

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    Employer of Choice

    Kimberly Clark's Andean region office sets high ethical standards for itself and gives back to the community—creating motivated, dedicated employees in the process.