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    Another dimension

    By Somani, Sheilina Opportunities to gain new perspectives on project leadership can come from almost anywhere. This article features the owner of a project management services firm discussing how volunteer roles can…

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    It’s Official

    Vivek Kundra, the first CIO of the United States, resigned less than a year after releasing his 25-point plan to reform the government’s IT landscape. Though short, his tenure created at least one…

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    Building leaders

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Even after hiring top-level project managers, organizations can fail to achieve the project results they need to compete in their industry. One cause of such failure is an organization's lack of…

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    Fringe benefits

    By Whitten, Neal Too often, in the plight to attain a leadership position, professionals predominately focus on the three benefits of becoming a leader: career advancement, professional status, and financial reward.…

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    Getting Ahead

    By Crown, Judith When mid-career project managers want to advance into the upper echelons of management, they usually must first shift their perspective from the tactical to the strategic. This article discusses how…

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    A perfect partnership

    By Tamarkin, David Mentors often provide entry-level and mid-career project managers with the guidance they need to resolve important project problems and develop critical skills for advancing their careers. But the…

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    Path to power

    By Kent, Simon For decades, project management was not considered a business discipline that effectively prepared managerial professionals for executive positions. But over the past decade, as more organizations…

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    Let's make a deal

    By Nance-Nash, Sheryl Successful project managers have mastered the art of managing their careers, an art which involves knowing how to negotiate their way to making more money, leading important projects, and advancing…

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    The evolution begins

    By Jedd, Marcia To effectively compete in today's global marketplace, an increasing number of organizations are now implementing projects to accomplish their strategic objectives. One outcome that has unexpectedly…

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    Crossing over

    By Schneyer, Joshua The global proliferation of project management is generating a new breed of project manager: the polymath project manager. This article discusses why project managers must--in order to successfully…