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  • PM Network

    Air of authority

    By Smart, Maya Payne Project managers often struggle to gain and maintain the authority they need to successfully obtain the resources and support their projects require. Gaining this authority, which is not obtained…

  • PM Network

    Hostile environment

    By Simms, Eric Despite the research reporting the success some companies have achieved via project management, a large number of organizations continue to perceive the discipline as a unnecessary overhead cost or…

  • PM Network

    The human touch

    By Baker, Bud Contemporary technology offers project teams many invaluable tools for successfully complete their assignments. Too often, however, project professionals mistakenly perceive the act of managing a…

  • Leadership in Project Management (PM Network)

    Made, Not Born

    By Ladika, Susan Even those at the top of the project management ladder can climb higher, both professionally and personally. Self-improvement in terms of specialized knowledge and technical expertise often can be…

  • Leadership in Project Management (PM Network)

    Perfect Pitch

    By Fretty, Peter Before you can explain how project management aligns with corporate strategy, you must understand how executives think and act. Even armed with the latest information, statistics and market thinking…

  • PM Network

    A question of trust

    By Ferraro, Jack Successful business relationships are trust-based relationships. This article describes the four components of trust (credibility, reliability, intimacy, and low self-orientation), and discusses how…

  • PM Network

    Louder than words

    By Foti, Ross A competent project manager can make the right decisions on project progress and meeting the main objectives, but accountability for the project lies where the executive (project sponsor) places it…

  • Project Management Journal

    Selling project management to senior executives member content locked

    By Thomas, Janice | Delisle, Connie L. | Jugdev, Kam | Buckle, Pamela Despite the organizational value that project management has enabled global companies to realize, executives often fail to support project initiatives. Without such support, projects usually fail.…

  • PM Network

    Relationship building

    By Rader, Ron | Vaughan, Cliff The project management challenge is more global, complex, and customer-driven than ever before. Relationship building is the key to continued success with most clients. Raised expectations in the…

  • PM Network

    Management buy-in

    By Kern, Bill Project managers sometimes have to assume the role of salesmen and present to management a convincing case for their investing in project management. This article presents a quick course in…