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  • Modeling the knowledge perspective of IT projects member content open

    By Reich, Blaize Horner | Gemino, Andrew | Sauer, Christopher Information technology (IT) projects are notorious for failing to meet budget, scope, and schedule targets. But many researchers are now developing new criteria for determining success, criteria…

  • On the power of project competence member content open

    By Vaagaasar, Anne Live Researchers have proven that the unique nature of projects creates opportunities for generating new--and applying existing--knowledge so as to optimize its value. This paper examines a framework and…

  • Project knowledge management member content open

    By Hanisch, Bastian | Lindner, Frank | Müller, Ana | Wald, Andreas Knowledge is widely and increasingly perceived as one of an organization's vital resources for generating competitive advantages. This paper examines the role that knowledge, as an intangible asset,…

  • How do organisations learn from projects? member content open

    By Williams, Terry Numerous researchers have discussed the benefits of learning from projects. Despite this work, a question remains: Do organizations learn from their projects? This paper examines the preliminary…

  • Project management learning at NASA member content open

    By Chindgren, Tina M. | Hoffman, Edward J. To thrive in today's service-oriented, knowledge-intensive global economy, organizations must innovate and evolve to respond and adapt. Doing this successfully involves capturing lessons learned and…

  • Avoiding knowledge traps in project management member content open

    By Reich, Blaize Horner Many studies have reported the problems involved in implementing information technology (IT) projects, of the high failure rates and the numerous--and ever-increasing--risks. These studies have also…

  • Knowledge creation and dissemination (organizational learning) in project-based organizations member content open

    By Morris, Peter W. G. | Loch, Irene C. A. The primary goal of Information Age organizations--those competing in what is termed the knowledge economy--is to generate knowledge, to learn from this knowledge, and to apply this knowledge in…

  • Searching for knowledge management practices in the PMBOK® guide member content open

    By Reich, Blaize Horner | Wee, Siew Yong In some types of projects, notably information technology (IT)-focused projects, success has proved to be elusive. Although IT expenditure accounts for at least one-third of capital spending, the…

  • Inter-firm collaboration and project performance member content open

    By Puddicombe, Michael S. Successful firms understand how to effectively use their knowledge resources: These firms often support organizational structures that match their information processing requirements. Such…

  • Communities of practice member content open

    By Delisle, Connie L. Experience and scholarly research shows that enhancement and leveraging of knowledge capital (i.e., intellectual and practical experience) among other types of capital, is a key factor in building…